Putin will fly on a hang glider at the head jamb of the cranes

Putin will fly on a hang glider at the head jamb of the cranesBefore the APEC summit in Vladivostok, Russia's President Vladimir Putin will arrive on the Yamal Peninsula to take part in the expedition to rescue the endangered cranes. On Wednesday, September 5, write "Vedomosti" with reference to the expedition organizers and staff of the presidential administration.Putin will take part in the project "Flight of hope", in which you will try yourself as a pilot of a hang glider. It will fly at the head of the flocks of Siberian cranes raised in captivity to show them the route.The Siberian crane is grown in Oksky state nature biosphere reserve (Ryazan region), and then transported to the village Kusheva on the Yamal Peninsula. Since mid-August, the cranes are accompanied by hang gliders flying in the area of Kushawaha. In mid-September birds under the leadership of the pilot sent on the wintering grounds in Central Asia. Flight of cranes with Putin, probably, will be training.Return of cranes in nature with the help of the glider was invented in the USA in 2001. Читать полностью -->

Charlie sheen donated on behalf of the army $1 million

Charlie sheen donated on behalf of the army $1 millionKnown brawler and talented actor Charlie sheen were preoccupied with the fate of American soldiers and made the incredibly generous donation to the Association USO (United service organizations and armed forces).Tires will give USO 1% of income, which will bring him the television series "anger Management", but not less than $1 million, All the money will be spent on the organization of leisure of the wounded who are treated at the military hospital, Bethesda, Maryland.I must say that the Association USO, which organizes entertainment for the soldiers and thereby supports their morale, regularly collaborates with famous actors and musicians. But $1 million from Charlie sheen - the most generous donation from a private person for more than half a century history of the USO. In addition, this is the first time the Association deducts a percentage of the fees for shooting in the series. The first payment ($250 thousand) Charlie will do this week:I am honored to do something for the men and women who have done so much for us all. Every day they risked himself for us, and I'm happy that my work in "anger Management" will help make life a little easier for the soldiers and their families.". . Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie urgently needs a liver transplant

Angelina Jolie urgently needs a liver transplantFamous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie suffers from a serious liver disease and now she needs an urgent transplant. Artist secretly met with world-renowned surgeon and discuss with him this issue.Leading electronic media Turkey literally boil from the news that during his visit as the special envoy of the UN high Commissioner for refugees Angelina Jolie during a recent visit to Turkey secretly discussed with physicians in Ankara problem liver transplantation.As it turned out, it was not just a hypothetical conversation, but real negotiations Jolie with world famous Turkish surgeon by Yamana Tokat. As reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the local Turkish newspaper "the Post", the actress, who reportedly suffers from liver disease caused by infections "hepatitis C", secretly met at a hotel in Ankara with Tokat and, passing the doctor's dossier with the results of surveys, actress, according to the Turkish newspaper, said: "they Say that I will die if I don't do a liver transplant. How can I save myself?". In response, the Hollywood movie star, it was stated that "transplantation is needed".According to experts from the medical community, from the hepatitis C people may never die, but from cirrhosis of the liver that causes this infectious disease, it is. Therefore, the only salvation for Jolie, which, apparently, has developed such a complication, there are no other options but to receive a liver transplant. Читать полностью -->

In 2011, the first prize went to Mikhail Shishkin's novel the light and the dark"

his prize money amounted to three million rubles. The winners of the second and third prizes were Vladimir Sorokin (Blizzard"), the third - Dmitry Bykov (Ostrom, or the sorcerer's Apprentice"), respectively. They got a million rubles.The award "Big book" was established in 2005. Traditionally, the organizers awarded the prize in the nomination "Honour and dignity". Additionally, a prize readers ' choice award, in 2011 he also went to Mikhail Shishkin. Source: Award "the Big book" has announced the shortlist. Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron has an affair with a colleague at `the shop`

Charlize Theron has an affair with a colleague at `the shop` 37-year-old Hollywood actress Charlize Theron twisted new novel. This time her choice was a 40-year-old colleague Eric Stonestreet. Friends of the couple say they have already introduced each other to their surroundings.In early 2011, after 9 years of relationship, celebrity broke up with 39-year-old Irish actor Stuart Townsend. Later, she attributed the romance with Ryan Reynolds, but it was just a rumor and Reynolds is married to Blake lively.Now Theron is increasingly appearing in public in the company of cheerful fat man Eric Stonestreet, who also recently broke up with longtime girlfriend. According to friends of Charlize, she doted in the new chosen one and very in love with him. Source: Charlize Theron had an affair with a colleague at "the shop" . Читать полностью -->

The stars on the beach boast of ideal forms

The stars on the beach boast of ideal forms They have a lot of hard work on their appearance and, in particular, over their bodies, because most of the stars of their body - a source of income.Moreover, income is considerable. However, during the official photo shoots all the flaws are blurred, catching up, hiding. And only when the artists are selected on the beach to output in a day or soak up the sunshine, it is clear where bother the master of photoshop, and where the natural beauty.However in the compilation of our photos in the most part been of the fairer sex. Although, there is nothing to hide, pass by tanned hunk Colin Farrell so we just couldn't. Source: Stars on the beach boast of ideal forms . . Читать полностью -->

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